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Why are mobile apps important for the desk-less workforce?

In the world, technology is gaining its ground at a rapid pace. Everyday innovation is marking its presence. Being the part of this world where change is the only constant, we have seen technology making its way ahead. In the days gone by people used to carry a bundle of papers with them to their offices and now you just carry the soft data in a very compact form.

In this world of technology, a predominant part is acquired by mobile applications. Almost every person in today’s time is holding a smartphone in their hands and mobile applications are what smartphones are all about. To create a balanced and efficient working atmosphere several apps have been launched.

There are a lot of people around the globe who are not anchored to a desk and are constantly on move. There are about 80% deskless workforce around the world at present. People are working three shifts a day and it is tough to create a positive environment for them.

Traditional methods of working are being replaced by new business models. In such conditions, it becomes important to explore the possibilities of technology in this direction. This makes us realize how important it is to have mobile apps to create deskless workforce. Well here are a few reasons those will compel you to get a mobile app for the workforce.

  1. Updates and efficient communications:

There is always a need for a cohesive team to make any project successful. Communication is the key to bind any group of workers in a unit. It is easy to establish constant communication when you work in a traditional office, where you are bound to your desk, but when it comes to a desk-less workforce you need a technology that helps in communication.

This day mobile is the most common technology we have. A mobile app is a remedy to the communication issues by a team. It is easy to establish a direct connection within a group of 3-4 people, but when we need to send a message or information among 50, a mobile app becomes important.

It facilitates communication thus making it a vital lifeline for the people. About 50% of people are frequently on telecommuting.

  1. Creating a balanced and productive environment:

Technology has helped firms build a better and more efficient more environment. Mobile apps allow open communication along with feedback setup. The app generally holds a space for questions and answers where a team gets feedback and can work on it. This system helps incorporate changes and improvisations quickly.

For example, if a person in a team is stuck at some kind of problem, they can certainly look for a solution through the application, instead of waiting for a reply. This also prevents from getting a wrong solution on the browser. The more engaged the employees are the better results they can yield.

About 80% of people believe that communication in the workplace is not enough. Well, mobile apps can be a worthy solution to them.

  1. Bridging the gaps between remote workforce:

The technical world has turned the structure of an office upside down. The faxes and phone lines are replaced by cloud services and mobile apps. When we don’t have a team that often works in a closed bound space, it is difficult to create a team spirit among them. An app can bridge this gap and allow proper team updates and also help in keeping a track of the work in progress.

The app allows for real-time scheduling and Data sharing. There can be an instant discussion and advice as and when required. As per a survey done in an office area of the USA, it is calculated that 80% of people believe that apps have allowed better communication in remote workgroups.

  1. Companion in the long run

Right now the whole world is dealing with a pandemic. The gatherings have been prohibited and we have shifted our offices to our home. In times like this, we need a platform for our office gatherings to make it easier to function. A mobile app can be a big contribution where we all are easily available and can have an effortless and authentic availability of information.

Brand recognition can be another important factor i.e. an app could contribute to spreading awareness about the brand in the market. Though we can take the above options as the major ones numerous other factors can contribute to the list.

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