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Point of Sale

Point of Sale Development

Androtunes will make you forget all the hefty cash register machines and dive in the seamless experience of the point of sale software. Thanks to POS software that several eCommerce traders can now pay and procure payments respectively online. Check out is the final step after deployment of customers into a store. And it is seemingly the next most crucial as well as a hectic step.

Enterprises and eCommerce traders can now channelise their time and energy into the overture of their customers rather than maintaining the hefty payment registers with Androtunes’ provided effective POS systems. We offer a wide range of systems meeting your requirements without any hindrance to the valuable customers.

Our Development Process

Androtunes is a platform with highly professional and intellectual delegates working for providing exceptional service to our clients. Our development process is most sought for among all other platforms for its deliberately consistent team members and phenomenal results. We make decisions based on relevant data to satisfy our end-customers needs. We provide fast on-boarding and try to make the differences in time, culture, and location imperceptible. Our team builds highly intelligent and sophisticated Custom POS solutions for all major platforms. Our clients across the globe recognize our persistence to deliver robust, industry-oriented technology solutions, and our flexible development process. A system like ours is a must-have for entrepreneurs and eCommerce traders in order to lash out the labour intensive paperwork and dive completely into proliferating their business.

hy Choose Androtunes for Topnotch POS Development?

  • Custom POS solutions at hand: Androtunes provides with customized Point of Sale Development services to their clients in order to satiate their requirements up to the mark. We are immensely considerate about the individual differences in the requirements of clients in accordance with their work nature. Hence, we strive to develop solutions that best fit their nature of needs.
  • Inventory management: this is another exceedingly vital functionality for POS development as it considerably reduces the strain on merchants and eases out their lives and save their time. Instead of manually counting the inventory, they can rely on point of sale system for an automatic update of the stock levels in accordance with the items sold.
  • Effortless experience: our clients are free to spill out their needs on us and forget about the further proceedings. They are not subjected to put in any additional efforts for the development of digital solutions. It is evident from our past connections and phenomenal results that our clients have always had a good time working with us.
  • Reporting: apparent integration of point of sale system with accounting can give scintillating results by easing out the managerial process even more for the merchants as it allows using its data to keep a record of revenue, manage taxes, etc.
  • Record of customer information: POS is not limited to its service for collecting payments and tracking sales. It retains more potentiality than you could think of. Point of sale systems is even evident in keeping a record of the customer information intact.

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Multiple Payments Method Support With Androtunes POS System

Cash payments, debit card, credit card parental seem to be an aged phenomenon to the populace now. Your solutions need to be more future-oriented interpolating various online payment methods with utter ease to the clients. Methods such as chip cards, gifts, rewards, exciting offers, etc are in vogue. We take complete responsibility for developing solutions that are unique and in the best interest of the customers of our clients.

Real-Time Inventory Updates

This aspect of update of inventories is very crucial for merchants running multichannel sales in a single day. It becomes highly tiresome for the company to manage the inventory updates on a daily basis. Hence, we prepare POS solutions that are high fidelity and take complete responsibility for your inventory update a for each transaction as well as credits.

FAQ’s Asked By Our Clients

Talking of risks, each sector is risky in its own subjective ways. Hence, saying that this system is completely fraudulent free would be unfair. But, at Androtunes, our experts are working daily towards a milestone that others might not even sight. We consider the changing behaviours of our customers and those of fraudulent worldwide. Hence, we incorporate new technologies and tools that help check the security of the system to the next level.

The cost of POS development varies according to the individual complex requirements of our clients. To know more, consult our experts and get a better idea of the price range compatible with your needs.

  1. How long does it take to develop a point of sale system?

In order to efficiently develop a point of sale software that is customised and amasses all your fundamental as well as additional needs, it takes a little more time than building up the basic framework. But, Androtunes is renowned for its great on-time delivery of project all over the country

Androtunes is a leading development company having a team of expert developers with decades of experience who aim to improve user experience using the latest technology and trends. Our development team designs products globally for the business world and provides successful business growth.