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Development Cost Of An Application Similar To Tinder

The segment-leading app Tinder entered the mobile app market in 2012 and has ruled our love-matching fantasies since then. When the other dating platforms were unable to gain much popularity due to deceptive platforms, suspicious bugs, and overt adds, Tinder has achieved milestones in a very short time being an authentic platform. It has made the most of its purpose and offers excellent user interface meeting user expectations which have made social dating convincingly easier.

Tinder has currently more than 50 million users worldwide with over 14 million matches each day. It has an intuitive design with fine functional elements and features such as interactive match, chat options, GPS, swipe gesture which has made Tinder such a hit.

If you want to develop an app similar to Tinder with high revenue rates and you wish to know the overall estimate, you are at the right place. First, let’s have a look at the features of Tinder, and then we will estimate the total development cost and the time it might take.

Essential Elements For estimating the cost of your Tinder Like App

# Mobile development platform

The estimation begins with the platform you decide to go with. The choice has to be wise as the cost and time required for the purpose would depend on the development platform you choose for your application.

Total development time:

For Android: 220-260 hours

For iOS: 270- 300 hours

# Admin Backend

You should have a fully- equipped dashboard for analyzing the statistics and for measuring the different user engagement practices. These might involve monitoring the various activities and events such as the number of swipes and the total matches made on an hourly basis. To get excellent results the admin dashboard should be integrated with tools such as Crashlytics, Google Analytics, or Flurry.

Total development time:

150-200 hours

# For Authorization and User Profile

Profile editing must be done using both the client and server sides. On the client-side, the user will enter the credentials and edit the data which will be saved on the server-side. For authorization, you must go with Facebook’s authorization engine which is implemented using open authorization protocol like OAuth.

Total development time:

22-30 hours

#Notifications and general settings

You should allow changing the settings for the convenience of your users such as enable or disable notifications regarding new matches, likes, receiving messages, or customizing other settings according to the user. For Android, you can use FCM ( Firebase Cloud messaging ) or Apple Push Notifications( APN ) for iOS.

Total development time:

 85-90 hours

# Geo-location

This is the basis of your application since it is all about finding the matches near you. You can make use of Core Location and Geolocation API. For Android, you can use MapView classes and android. location package and for iOS, you may use Map kit framework and CLLocationManager class.

Total development time:

80-100 hours

# Web portal extension

It is necessary to have an extension for a source of repository or database for accommodating the information users generally refer to such as any user-specific detail or demographics details that would be used to make a match. The efforts required differ according to the additional features you want in your app.

Total development time:

150-200 hours

# For deployment and analysis of the quality

Testing is another phase after development for ensuring quality at all levels. The application undergoes thorough debugging and testing after which it is deployed.

Total development time:

120-200 hours

Overall Estimate

For a specific platform, the total number of hours might range from 800-950 hours. Adding the development and other features to enhance your app it will take up to 1400- 1650 hours. It even depends upon the resource persons, your efforts you put in, and the number of features you want in your app. Taking the average rate applied it will cost you around $35000-$50000 or more. The cost further depends upon the number of features you want in your app.

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