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Geolocations And Why Mobile Apps Must Have The Feature

Geo-location helps in estimating and identifying the precise location of any sort of object in the real world. It can generate geographical coordinates and even determine the current location of any device such as a laptop, smart-phone, tablet, or a radar.

This feature has helped many start-ups evolve into successful businesses and influenced various companies and the coexistence with their clients. This has brought a crucial change in the marketing industry such as retail and cab based apps. It is quite similar to GPS ( Global positioning system) but it makes use of the cell site triangulation part for detection.

You can even spot the location of a place in the online space of the map using Geo-location. Around 75% of smart-phone users use this feature to extract information and directions, 35% of people link their social media posts with locations and around 20% of users share their location or track any spot using this feature.

Here are a few reasons why this feature has become important for mobile apps:

# Cab booking apps

Booking a cab automatically uses the geolocation feature. It uses the current location of the user and refers to it as the pick-up location. The exact features and procedures are used for the destination spot which is known as drop-in location and the fare is generated using geolocation for the ride. Booking a ride in cabs and taxis has become much more simplified and easier.

# E-commerce

Various e-commerce platforms use this feature to offer their users a customer-friendly experience. Users can track their orders. They come to know when their order is getting shipped and delivered. The shipping charges are also calculated with the help of geolocation.

# Augmented reality games app

The impact of geolocation on the augmented gaming apps gained momentum in 2016. It became a turning point for many companies. Pokémon Go used this feature and became a huge hit and was downloaded by millions of people around the world. Using this feature the user becomes more localized.

# Online food order and delivery Apps

Today ordering your favourite dishes online at your homes is just a click away. There are numerous food delivery apps where a variety of dishes can be ordered and the user can even track the status of the order and know where it has reached.

# Connect with neighbours using this feature

Certain geolocation-based applications are used for establishing connections with the people in the neighbourhood. These kinds of apps have gained a lot of popularity. This way a person comes to know his society and neighbours better.

# Time and memory-based apps

The geolocation services can even be rendered when a user reaches a particular location. The user gets a reminder once the location is reached with the help of push notifications. They work miracles when the person is not aware of the exact destination.

# Offline business

Geolocation is a win-win situation for both online as well as offline businesses. Offline business owners are even expanding their business through these location-based applications. Using this feature the commerce and retail industries track the location of their customers and use it to offer them improved facilities and better services. Indoor location facilities are being used.

# Flourishing dating apps

The geolocation feature has helped the dating industry to flourish. The users can find a date nearby. They can even set the distance range for finding the dates. The location-based apps have made all this possible.

# Collaboration with health and fitness apps

Geolocation apps collaborate with the health and fitness apps for tracking sporting activities such as cycling, swimming, running, etc. For this purpose, it uses the GPS data. The users have appreciated this collaboration and it is gaining popularity.

# Navigation and Venue recommendation

This feature can also suggest venues to the user depending on where they wish to go along with the reviews of the place. It helps in navigation and recommending the best path to the users while travelling.

Geolocation based apps have become more handy, useful, and more vital over the years. Based on the advanced technology and approach they are offering services to the various industries with the help of which the business owners have effective interaction with the customers.

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