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Push Notifications For Giving A Push To User Engagement

A mobile application’s success is not only defined by its key components and production process but how effectively it is managed and designed to retain its users. At times the smallest features like push notifications can make a great difference in enhancing the application. Some marketers are even unaware that they can use push notifications to boost conversations and encourage purchases. It increases retention by 70% and user engagement by almost 100%.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are the same as ‘Instant Messages’. These are alert messages that slide and pop-up at the bottom-right corner or top of your screen depending on whether the user is accessing a browser or mobile. These are great marketing tools as they help to be in contact with users. An application owner can send these notifications anytime to their users irrespective of whether they are using the device at that time. The users will eventually receive the message.

The push notifications are quite similar to mobile alerts or SMS but reachable only when the user has downloaded the app. All the mobile platforms- Android, iOS, Windows, Fire OS have push notifications services. In iOS, the notifications are not enabled till the user does so whereas in Android the operating system automatically opts for them until the user manually changes the settings.

Features of push notifications are:

# They keep the customers connected with the app by having a direct reach to the customers.

# They keep the users alert about the current offers and deals.

# User-friendly, effective, and easy to manage.

# Increase app engagement.

# Insight on the customer’s behaviour.

# Quicker than emails.

# Cheaper than SMS.

Benefits of Push Notifications

# Increases engagement of the users with reminders and alerts

Whether your app is related to education, travel, job portal, or business these notifications can do a variety of things and increase user engagement by providing reminders to leave the house, important meetings, showing the received messages, informing users to update for latest features and whatnot.

# Creating data-driven decisions

There are certain applications which rely on the physical location for geo-location notifications. These notifications help the users find the nearby places such as the landmarks, stores, description of the area the user is in, shopping malls, etc

# Motivating the users for interaction

There are certain catch-up notifications that are used for the purpose of re-engagement. These motivate the users to perform tasks and congratulate if a task is completed or a milestone is reached. The applications using these types of notifications are music apps, fitness, and e-commerce applications.

# For sales and offers

There are promotional push notifications that offer users promotional messages such as offers, sales, and giveaways. They try to urge the user to act on these notifications and bring increased sales and business in various apps like games, food, fitness, travel, online shopping.

# For attracting the users by witty headlines

News outlets often use trivia notifications for non-intrusive, unique, and funny headlines which grabs the interest of the readers and makes them want to click.

# For providing value to the engaged users

Order push notifications are used to send order updates, order confirmation, tracking information, digital receipts for food, banking, and e-commerce applications for adding value to the purchase and services.

# For providing feedback

There are notifications that help to collect reviews from the users for improving the application and increasing the number of installs by working on the loopholes. Feedback can even be made on the activities in the application like purchases, products, checkouts, accessibility.

# Maintaining the consistent interest of the users

These notifications are very useful for those businesses that bring in monthly featured products and drops. They pop up once for the users at a specific date and time and are appropriate for the business which needs timely notifications.

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