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Technology Stack

The key to developing a successful digital software product is picking the right technology stack. Why? Because the creation of a product not only involves the convenient UI and UX but it also revolves around designing a stable and maintainable product that will promote your business growth and win your customers’ hearts. At Androtunes we believe in transparency and that our clients must be well versed with our technology stack. It helps in speaking the same technical language and reaching the goals effectively.

Anatomy of Our Technological Stack

A Technology Stack is a combination of all the software tools, frameworks, and programming languages that are used together for bringing your project to life. Web and mobile applications consist of two major components: Front end (Client-side) and Back end (Server-side).

Front End

The front end is also known as the client-side as the users can see and interact with this part of the project. This is where the real interaction with the user takes place. The front-end stack’s primary concern is an accessible user interface, convenient user experience, and crystal-clear internal structures. At Androtunes we use the latest working versions of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React Native, Angular JS, React JS, Xamarin

Back End

The back end is performed offstage and not visible to the users. It is the engine that is responsible for driving your website or application and implements the logic. The web server accepts the requests from the browser or application, processes them, and sends feedback from the database. It consists of a server app, database, and server. At Androtunes the back-end technologies we use are .Net, PHP, Python, Java, Node JS


Frameworks simplify the development process and provide reusable bundles in the form of universal frameworks. These are layered workflow environments. At Androtunes we use frameworks that ensure rapid development, stability, and a clean syntax. The Frameworks we use are Django, Laravel, MEAN


We use different storage technologies and databases for the building of secure, efficient, and reliable projects of our clients. We use MongoDB, MySQL, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL for data storage.

Factors We Consider While Choosing The Right Technology Stack

Androtunes chooses the right technology stack for specific projects by considering certain factors.

  • Type Of Project: We classify the project based on the complexity and then choose the appropriate technology stack. As the project size increases the complexity increases. The projects are usually classified as Small projects, Mid-range projects, and Large projects.
  • Time To Market: Our team of experts considers this factor while picking the right tech stack for you as Time to Market heavily depends on the tech stack chosen.
  • Scalability: For your rapid growth, our experts always choose the tech stack that will help you to scale sufficiently.
  • Security: At Androtunes our experts always make sure that your website or app is highly secured. We design your digital product and ensure that the technologies do not come at the cost of your security.
  • Maintainability: Our expert developers choose the Codebase and the basic software architecture keeping in mind the maintainability of your project. We ensure that the technologies are chosen to support portability, reusability, scalability, and dynamic and static component configurations.

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FAQ’s Asked By Our Clients

Our experts have hands-on experience in this field for almost a decade. It has strengthened our relationship with our clients and partners.

A good CRM solution assists in sales, marketing, recruitment, business development and customer management. Businesses of any magnitude can be benefitted equally by CRM software. It helps in keeping data records recording service issues, recognizing sales opportunities, managing exterior relationships along with proliferating productivity of the business.

We are reliable partners and focus on making high-quality products for our clients. We have experts in various fields who have expertise and experience in their respective fields.

Minimum Viable Product is a product with just enough features for satisfying our early customers and for providing feedback for our future products.

Our experts decide the technology stack based on your type of project, time to deliver, your business goal, and your custom configurations.

Androtunes has a dedicated team of experts for designing and shaping your products for the business world. Our goal is to give the best customer and end-user experience. We aim to give the best technological trends and use the most innovative technology stack.

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