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Which platform to go for? iOS or Android

Moving ahead to a mobile app with the right technological approach is the biggest challenge, should I go with the android or the IOS? Or will a cross-technology platform suit me? What about a responsive app? And budget what if it is shoestring? And running a startup time frame is another concern.

Want shorter development cycles but high target volatility, also high feasibility but lesser pocket holes then looking at the aftermaths to find an informed decision becomes a must. Every technology is unique but important is to understand their tradeoffs.

There are few platforms available in the market but the real choice goes between two lead players, which are IOS and android, they hold the biggest share of the mobile app market and most often choices are done in between these two contrasts. To make sure that you have invested in the best there are certain considerations to look upon to shape the expectations as required?

Let us see these factors

The audience you need to target

So this is sheer common sense, you make a mobile app to target your brand, the ultimate aim is to get as many as possible customers involved through your app. So the target audience has the capability of influencing the platform very much. Let say your target audience is present in Australia, Europe and America, IOS can be a much more favourable option as the majority of the users in these geographical distributions are IOS users. 

This will open better business opportunities for you, the complete opposite is seen in Asia, South America and Africa where android is ruling the scoreboards. If you want you can also create your app for other platforms too, but if a newbie in the business the best option is to analyze the trends and the target audience to move forward toward a right decision.

Budget plays a fair role

We all have budget concerns when we launch products as we already decide what chunk of money should be invested in what. We all have the plan and parcels ready. So your app budget may influence your choice of platform.

We can see the money invested in iOS development is high and sometimes may peak as much as twice in comparison to android. So if you have a budget constraint or want to make your mobile app go on the floor in a short period then android is your deal.

You must calculate the return of investment

So the whole idea is, everyone before diving into business calculates the ROI, so if your target is to be on the list in a lesser, shorter period than iOS can be your choice of the plate as Google store already has ample of options, and option means simply competition. Sometimes in android people are more likely to search for the content that is available for free.

So an android in-app model is quite capable of generating revenue but not that greatly effective. Whereas on the other the iOS users believe in content and niche, they never mind paying off for the high costing product, so if you want to create in-app revenue to deal with the cost of the app, iOS is a better option whereas if the sole aim is to create awareness and popularity android might suits you much.

 The engagement factor

The recent version of the android that is Oreo 8.0 offers loads of features and has updates like performance enhancements, UI/UX and the safety upgrades. One of the features that have become the talk of the town is the picture on the picture feature which lets one see all the apps altogether and send e-emails or video chats hand in hand.

On the other hand, the latest version for Apple is iOS 11 loaded with pencil capabilities, UI/UX, camera modes etc. They are coming with an apple augmenting reality kit that means the app developers can develop more AR-powered apps like never before. These things make the customer engaged more as enhancement with interesting technologies be it AI/AR/AVR etc can act as a glue, so the adaptation to these features needs to be considered.

Make the choice

 It may become rather impossible to choose from two of the platforms as they both have their pros and cons, so it all depends on the requirement, uniqueness and solution offered by each platform as per your business module.  A mobile app that is available on both of these platforms may act as a boon as it has more availability, accessibility, reach and opportunity all. It can be said that MVP at both could serve as a great idea.

Altogether the choice of the right platform for your mobile app is quite essential and defines a lot regarding future demands and opportunities. If the choice is not done right your app, as well as the business, could be in dire trouble

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