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What will be the development cost of an application similar to Facebook

Today Facebook rules the world as the most popular social networking site loved by billions of people around the world. Do you want to become the next Mark Zuckerberg? It does sound more of a dream but it is not impossible. His social platform is a motivation for many young entrepreneurs across the globe.

With things becoming easier as technology expands its roots, developing an application similar to Facebook will require some time and bucks. We at Androtunes have brought you an overall cost analysis of developing a clone of Facebook to help you invest in your business venture.

Technology Stack of Facebook

# Client Side                   : HTML,CSS, Javascript- AJAX,JSON

#Server Side                   : LAMP- Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP

#Stability                      :HHVM( Hip-Hop Virtual machine ), C++, Hack ( Relative to PHP )

#Messenger Application          : Haskell, Erlang, C++

#Database Implementation       : HBase, Cassandra, MariaDB, MySQL, Hadoop

#Facebook Main Application      : Java, Swift, C# and Xamarin.forms

#Other Technologies: Machine Learning, BigPipe, React Native, ReactJS

Features Your Application Must Have

Let us first look at the features of Facebook that your application must have and then we will estimate the cost

# Registration Process

The registration process in the application should be done using either :

Name and Email ID

Name and Phone number

Name, email, and Date of Birth

Time Required: 80 to 90 hours

# Access Control

The access control can be done using either :

Email ID

Phone number

Time Required: 100 to 150 hours

# App Interaction

The main purpose of social networking sites is interaction. We can achieve this via functions such as

Social Sharing

Chatting /Messaging

Universal Thinking

Video Calling

Time Required: Above 470 hours

# Basic features required

The basic features which are required for a social networking application are

Creating a User Profile

Refer a friend

News-feed/ activity

Add friend

Search people

Help forum

Help centre

Time Required: 450 to 550 hours

# Advanced Features

Certain advanced features which will give life to your application when added are :

Data Sync

Image filtering

In-app camera


Push notification

Time Required: 200 to 250 hours

# Admin Panel

The admin panel will involve the following features such as :

User data control

Crash reports


Usage analytics

Time Required: 300 to 350 hours

# External Features Of Application

The external features which your application must include are :

In-app calling

Secure transfer of data

OTP Reading

Connection to third-party API

Time Required: 180 to 220 hours

Total Development Cost

In total the development time required for the application may sum up to approximately 2000 to 2500 hours depending upon the specifications you want to add in your application. It might take around 10 to 12 months for making an exact clone of Facebook with full dedication. A developer may take at least 600-650 hours for developing the features mentioned above in your clone. The time extends only when we inculcate the customization options. The developers have the freedom of customization which can totally transform the user interface. A whole new world of possibilities of customization is available when you post anything on your wall or see anything on your feed. Multiple complexities, intricacies combine to give a great UX like Facebook.

Cost based on iOS developer’s average salary

The lowest expected rate is $26,900 and the highest rate is $1,96,000 which varies depending upon the years of experience and expertise the developer has.

Cost based on the Android developer’s average salary

The average rate of USA developers is $6600 and around Canadian developers is $4200 per month. A developer in Germany may make it to $4700. On average, it might cost $ 5500 for the development process.

These estimates might help you build your dream app and step up the ladder to development.

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