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Top trending app industry

With time and advancement of mobile app development, imagination has gone beyond our control becoming a quintessential addition. It is predicted by Statista, that by the end of 2020, the mobile apps will be able to generate revenue of $189 billion that is increasing at a remarkable rate.

The mobile apps embraced the technology in 2019 including IoT and AI that are slowly taking mobile app development to the next level. Due to this, the mobile app development industry is showcasing a difference in the market.

The mobile apps embraced the technology in 2019 including IoT and AI that are slowly taking mobile app development to the next level. Due to this, the mobile app development industry is showcasing a difference in the market.

It is the best way to increase the visibility of the brand in the market and leverage it for the future.

To give you a better insight, here are the top trends of the mobile app industry that must be kept in mind.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The major technological advancement – artificial intelligence – is ruling the market for the past few years now. It is said to generate #191 billion by 2024 and the combination is going to go beyond human intelligence.

Whether it is the medical industry or manufacturing, AI has the potential to enhance productivity and efficiency. This works with capacity and precision as per the real-time events. AI is a great add-on when it comes to the future of mobile app due to:

  • Integrating IoT and AI
  • User behavior prediction
  • Automated AIOps functions
  • AI-enabled unlock
  • Voice translation
  • Cybersecurity reliability
  • Adaptive battery
  • Subject identification smart camera
Internet of Things

IoT is a great value when it comes to mobile app development. The internet can connect the devices with each other easily so that users can control them. In addition to this, IoT-based apps help users to easily manage day-to-day lives.

IoT-based apps require an active internet connection and a powered lock system. It is possible to control everything including from the workspace and house. As per Statista, by the end of 2020, the total IoT-based apps in the market will increase and reach till 30.73 billion as shown below:

There are many IoT-based apps that a user can work around such as:

  • Smart cities and homes
  • Smart and Self-driving automobiles
  • IoT in healthcare’
  • AI-IoT integrated devices

Beacon Technology

If you are a part of healthcare, hotels, and museum industry then you might be aware of beacon technology. It is embraced Swifty by the companies and in the future, we will be able to witness more of it.

The technology includes marketing and location-based technology due to which users can easily understand it. The technology sends signals with the help of send signals in wireless transmitters to exchange information sales. It includes major trends such as:

  • AI-enabled chips
  • Payment beacons
  • Treasure hunting
  • Automated machine learning

What can be a better way to reach a new height than blockchain for the finance and banking sector? There are so many scenarios that can be added up in the revolutionary technologies becoming an asset to the industries.

It is predicted that by the end of 2030, the business value estimation of Blockchain will reach more than $3K million. These added payment apps help in adding the cross-border payments without bothering credit cards or cash payments. This includes a number of trendy features that include:

  • Anti-piracy
  • Asset tokenization
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Blockchain as a Service
On-Demand Apps

The best thing about on-demand apps is that it allows users to order whatever they want with a few taps. Order food, book a cab, make an appointment, and whatnot, it is all at our fingertips. These luxurious apps allow users to enjoy without worrying about anything since delivery will be done at the doorsteps.

There are different categories included in the on-demand apps that are already ruling the market and going at a faster pace. The business is supposed to reach around 86.5 million as a whole and is supposed to increase with time. There are many aspects that are included in on-demand apps such as:

  • Babysitting apps
  • Salon apps
  • Laundry services
  • Helpers apps

These are just a few major aspects in the mobile app development trends that business owners need to be in mind. The major factor that people need to keep in mind is that the competition is going to increase with time.

There are new trends and aspects added to the technology industry on a daily basis that will change the way we develop mobile apps. So, if you are a newbie then make sure to follow these trends in mind and give your mobile app idea a solid base.

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