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Top plugins for your mobile app success

Need to develop the best mobile app that fits in your budget? Various tools are available that can transform the mobile app right into the favourable revenues. To tap into the best customer attention there are various plug-ins available.

They have the power to transform your mobile application. Most of these plug-ins are free and super easy to work on. These are handy and simplified even for the fresher developer. There are certain plug-ins which turn your mobile app an instant hit. We have tried to compile the best of the list for you.

Let us first understand what plug-ins are?

What is a mobile application plug-in?

Simply a plug-in is for additional feature and performance enhancement. Developing the whole application design from square one is difficult hence the requirement of plug-in becomes evident. Thousands of apps are currently made using these plug-ins. In a survey conducted by a leading company in the US, it was found that 50% of the customer believed that the performance of the mobile app is crucial for its success.

Cascade Gallery

Cascade Gallery plug-in is the new innovative mobile app design that is in nowadays. It is fashionable, unique and customisable. You can display the image which is further surrounded by five customisable rings. It allows the seamless transition of the individual image into a tailor-made gallery of tagged responsive images.

This is one of the most favourable plug-ins used for restaurant mobile apps. The main feature image can be the new company logo itself. This can be further used to depict the various sequential scenarios. This may be your menu, offers, lunch, dinner, one plus one and happy hours etc. This plug-in can be used for menu navigation that has the power to incorporate your image into the design of your app.

Google Slides

As it is available for free, it offers a great way to create favourable mobile application design. If you want to revamp present images and information available on the mobile application you should check Google Slides plug-in for sure.

What makes Google Slides interesting as compared to another plug-in available in the market is the affordability and versatility. There are wide ranges of presentations themes available within the plug-in. Also, it comes with lively fonts as well as interesting animations. It can embed your video content on the side panels of your mobile app.

Home Page Grid Layout

The design of the homepage of a mobile application plays a major role in the success of your app. The look of the home page should be professional and meet the viewer’s expectations. It must be appealing to the eyes as well as able to perform the purpose.

With the homepage currently logged in one can build a mobile application that is not only highly responsive but customisable. You can change and add whatever you want and is needed in your mobile app. The homepage button will precisely guide your viewers to the next step in an informative way one after another.

You have a choice to create the homepage as per your wish, this could be as straight as you want or as complex as you wish. This is another app plug-in that is available for free but is worth looking for its features.

Choice Homepage

If you want to add layers of functionality into your mobile application this is the right plug-in for you. With various options of homepage designing, you can infuse the right design as per your business. There is an option for the pop-up screen that appears on the screen of the user before going to the home screen.

The whole process allows users to have a new experience. Also once the user selects a favourable option their choices become saved automatically. This means the users do not have to worry about the information again and again when they open the app. Another amazing feature present in this plug-in is the availability for the preferred language, time and other settings to count on.

This Plug-in helps in engagement and viewers satisfaction as a bad experience may lead to unfavourable outcomes as shown that 48 per cent stop using the app if had a bad experience.


Want to make your mobile application a hit, then incorporating live video feeds can be a great idea. You can also try syncing your YouTube account along with your mobile application. For this purpose, you can use the YouTube plug-in by built- fire.

This type of plug-ins for the mobile application is good for niche-based entertainment and media. Syncing allows the publishing of video content directly into your mobile application every time it is made available on your YouTube account.

Optimised layout media RSS feed

The optimization is one of the commonest problems in the mobile app, especially for a newbie. If the developer wants to add the different elements into the application the performance can be limited. For this, the developer can go for optimised format media RSS feed plug-ins.

This plug-in automatically channelises the content of the media RSS feed. All the elements of the mobile app can then be displayed in the form of much standardized digestible format. The information also becomes computer-readable.

Final Words

In the time where speeding up of technology is like never before developing a mobile application has become super easy and convenient. Especially with the use of plug-ins. In-house development tools like plug-ins are becoming the favourite of many businesses houses. To explore the feature at the maximum benefit try starting with the one available free of cost and then moving up with paid versions.

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