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Top mobile app trend in 2020

Rise of the Smartphone industry has been skyrocketing from the past few years; Smartphones have changed our lives and have become quite an essential item. Whenever you use a mobile application they’re not only the graphics and designing but a lot more in the backend.

With the increasing necessity of Smartphones in our life, the expected revenue of the whole mobile app development industry is expected to be US dollar 58 .9 billion by the end of the year 2020. The industry is at a constant desire for development and evolution. Every few seconds after there is a new update that is launched.

And no doubt year 2019 has been great in terms of technical progress in mobile application development. But as the year 2020 approaches there are new possibilities and opportunities. To meet the never-ending expectations of clients remodelling of the current status and procedure requires constant changing.

To be successful in mobile app development you need to include the certain latest trends in the technology which are going to rule 2020.

  1. Machine learning and AI

Artificial intelligence has been part of the mobile app development industry since the 90s. It has been predicted that it will touch US dollar one 91 billion by the year 2024. Hence mobile app developers are constantly eyeing on ML and AI for their projects. The integration of AI and ML is very crucial in a few activities of mobile app development both in iOS and Android.

You can very well work on predictive behaviour and earlier databases. It helps to identify the issues in the application and troubleshoot them within the real-time. It can also grab the behaviour of the user to re-module thinking, necessary and required actions within the application. Some of the features that can be useful in mobile app development are as follows:

Ø Artificial intelligence Enabled unlocking of the application

Ø Using the smart camera for subject identification

Ø High cyber-security with the help of app reliability

Ø Voice translation

Ø Analyses the use of behaviours

Ø IT functions automation.

  1. 5G Wireless Technologies

The 5G wireless spectrum is not only important for mobile app development but also plays an important role in technological aspects of 2020 expectation. In any mobile app development speed of the network plays a very crucial role. Wireless 5G network is expected to be having 10 times more speed than the 4G network. The introduction of 5G wireless networks is anticipated to transit the developers and professionals related to gaming and entertainment Industry. The functionality may include

Ø 3D gaming experience

Ø AR and VR

Ø Robust Data security

It will lead to intense opportunities in future like:

Ø 10 times higher connection density

Ø Three times higher spectrum efficiency

Ø 10 times enhanced customer experience

Ø Hundred times more traffic on to the mobile app

Ø 10 times degrees in latency

  1. Digital Wallets

Many mobile apps are related to e-commerce as in an online banking sector. This trend is going to see a surge in 2020. Past years we have observed a huge boost in Google Wallet and Apple Pay and consequently, in coming years it will expand.

Ø Cryptocurrency

The mobile app developer will focus more on cryptocurrency wallet in the year 2020. There has been an exponential growth from 6.7 million in 2016 to 42 million in 2019 hence it is on the cards for many developers in the present year.

Ø Near Field Communication Payment

NFC payments have been a popular trend in 2019. They are capable of exchanging a small amount of interpreting data between two electronic devices which allows instant transfer of funds. They will continue to grow as they make instant payment easy and simple at the comfort of a single tap.

  1. Security systems

With past few experiences of data leakage and ransomware, security would be the major concern for mobile app developers. They would focus on the robust security system to reduce business losses and maintain the trust of customers.

Ø Data encryption

To protect the user data, encryption will be used which helps in converting their private information into unreadable codes. This reassures no miss-use of the information which attracts the confidence of the viewers. This means even if the hacker can break through your phone lock he will not be able to access your application and its data.

Ø Testing method

Testing is always important before the release of any mobile application. Favourable testing confirms the best functionality and standard of the app. Hence for the security concern of the application developers will rely on stringent testing methods which will be replaced from conventional time-consuming to automated Based tools.

  1. Use of on-demand apps

Customizations will be ruling the year 2020, especially after the Covid19 outbreak. This will lead to a surge of on-demand applications like food delivery services, logistics, laundry etc. The on-demand application will be ruling the year as they will become the biggest business platform. They allow tailor-made engagement with the target audience. There will be more focus on analytics. Developers will be more concerned with user preferences and behaviour. They will have higher volume share and customised upgrades and updates availability.

Although a lot of challenges have been faced until now in 2020, it will surely be an exciting year in terms of stakeholder engagement, consumer experience and developers amusement for mobile app development. Applications of the above-stated trends will certainly help the developers to be on par with time and deliver the best to the users.

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