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Native Vs. Hybrid Apps

The smartphone requirement has increased over time for personal and professional use. Many businesses consider it as a tool for retaining customers and generating new leads. The mobile apps are not just about a way to offer a mode of entertainment to customers but a way to bridge the gap between them.

Whether it is about car sharing, banking, eCommerce, delivery services, and so on, a mobile app has become a major necessity. Mobile apps are becoming extremely convenient for users to offer topnotch and up-to-date experience.

This put the companies in a dilemma to select one out of native and hybrid. For this, it is essential to understand the basic Native Vs. Hybrid app development.

Let us give you an insight into the basics and their differences

Native Apps

The native apps are the ones that are developed for the specific devices for Android and iOS. The code is done separately for both the platforms with the help of Objective-C for iPhone apps and Java for Android.
The major advantage to go for native apps is that it enhances the user experience, offering reliability and scalability. Native apps include different features as per the operating systems such as contact lists, camera, and microphone. This will require a bit bigger budget due to the addition of using several platforms including Android and iOS.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are an extended version of native apps that includes the features of the operating system as well. However, the cross-compatibility is an extra addition in it for hybrid apps. They are extremely faster and easier as compared to native apps with less maintenance.
The speed of such apps is much better as compared to the user browser and works similarly as native apps.

Native Vs. Hybrid Apps

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