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Most downloaded apps in the US

Are you a dreamer? An entrepreneur? Mobile app developer?
No matter what you are, the smartphones are a part of the whole journey due to its growth in the market. However, before working on the action plan, it is essential to know the topmost mobile apps.
The motive is to understand the competition in the market before diving into one. To give you a clear idea let us start with the facts.
In 2019, it was noted that Google play store had around 8 million apps with users investing more than 170 billion dollars on apps.
These are just the basic stats that showcases the popularity of mobile apps in the market. To make it easy for you to understand it, here are the top downloaded apps that can showcase the industries thriving.


One of the topnotch chat applications that have gained a lot of popularity over the year from 2015 till now. The best thing is that the download will increase in the future the app has multiple features including status, emojis, message deletion, audio, video calls, and whatnot.
It is predicted that by the year 2021, the number of Whatsapp downloads will reach the level of 25 million or more. Even some new features will be added to the list of its extraordinary list that can attract more audiences to the free messaging app.

 Facebook Messenger

Messenger is considered the topmost addition to Facebook that is famous in the social media market. The app is a separate messaging app for all the Facebook messages that was not available initially.
The messages of Facebook used to be in the Facebook app only that was altered with the invention a few years back. The Messenger download was increased at a rapid rate due to the brand name already attached to it.


The on-demand business world is rapidly growing and has taken a highway with the introduction of Uber in the market. At the present movement, Uber is available in approximately 70 different countries, 400 cities, and 8 million users.
Uber mobile app is based on the technology that connects the drivers and rider with each other in real-time with the help of the navigation system. The Google maps and directly linked with the app that makes the ride seamless for users and drivers.


Google acquired video streaming app – YouTube – is extremely famous in the market since it is available on the desktop and mobile. New features are added up to the list with every update. It includes offline downloading, online downloads, and so on.
YouTube is considered as the biggest platform that hosts videos along with giving a platform for YouTubers to generate revenue. Not only this, but it includes some amazing monetization options and also marketing scope.


Social networking and photo sharing options make Instagram a topmost mobile app that is equipped with unique features. The high-quality app offers a top-notch user experience to the users. The top features include filter, image format, no website variant, and so on.
Instagram has no web version but supports mobile devices for Android and iOS devices. The downloads have increased rapidly over the years and in the future, it will be double the number it is now.

Here is the list of the apps that are most downloaded by the users and have managed to hook them. It is all about the needs of the users that make them depend upon the mobile app. So, which one is your favourite

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