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Mobile app development timelines

The use of the mobile application is becoming our routine task; the importance of mobile application has been intensified in the lockdown period. In a study that has been publishing in the Statistica it was found that more than 350 billion apps will be downloaded by 2021.

Mobile application development can be an extensive and exhaustive task. For planning any setup which is customer-oriented and focused, targeting the right cord becomes crucial. If you have any business plan in your mind especially the software developing setup than developing the right mobile application becomes a mandatory task.

The prompt example in front of us of Watsapp shows how can a small initiative can be turned over into a million businesses. This has now revolutionized global communication and how we see social networking similar goes with Facebook. All these mobile applications reflect how they are changing the world today.

Time frame:

Be it for self or the client the first thing that comes in the mind while mobile app development is:” in how much time it will be completed”. Although app development is not an easy task and requires critical thinking, extensive research and market analysis. All these go hand in hand to develop a successful mobile application. All these tasks take their tenure if needed to be complete with perfection. The time may be different from time to time. Normally developing a mobile application requires one month to as much as 4 months depending upon the requirements and complexity. Time can be decided as per the steps involved in the development for example

  • Step 1: Design and Mockup phase may take almost 2 weeks
  • Step 2 of the app development phase where whole understanding structuring and actual things go on the floor. It may take up 4 weeks in certain cases.
  • Step 3 is of application review; question and quality analysis can take approximately 1 week.
  • A dynamic approach is needed and stagnancy is so outdated and not as perfect approach in the mobile application sector.
  • Step 4 is launch and submission on the app store and step 5 consist of feedback and improvement and then the re-release phase. Let us see this figure which has tried to break up the components and time taken for app development.
The timeline also depends on the types of app:

Basic and standard stand-alone mobile application has no internet support and backend working team takes approximately 2moths to develop. Whereas on the other hand there are applications which are having internet server support and mobile integration may sometimes take 2-3 months to develop.

Then comes the graphics-intensive application which has the highest level of design involving the design expertise from masters of the field, backend online support takes the longest to develop. It may sometimes take 4-7 months to develop.


 During the whole process of mobile app development and assessment of the timelines, certain things have to be taken into the account so that the vision becomes clear and the required goal of best application can be achieved at the right time.

Social media requirements

If someone requires adding the social media extension in their mobile application then they must take the additional time of 1-2 weeks as it allows the social media integration and the logging sharing too.


The basic design working module is easy to develop and take much lesser time, thus speed up the whole process but on the other hand, does not have appeal factor which is present in the customized look of the high designed application. For some, time is important and others feel can be crucial hence the choice is needed to be maintained.  A simpler mobile app like WhatsApp takes 4 months to get developed and easy interactive mobile application like tinder may take 3 months to develop. A multi feature-loaded app like Uber which has various options within it may take as much as 7 months to be developed.


Choosing a good platform is also important and should be done after extensive study. A multi-platform mobile application may take a longer period for the development as it requires much higher integration whereas singe platform apps can be ready to go on the floor much earlier. But for the singular social platform, the exposure will be low and chances of marketing selection will be lesser also, as it will be reached out to a handful of people. Single platform application is developed taking into account the taste and preference of a particular niche and audience.

So, the timeline approach of mobile app development is an individual decision but should be done with attention, discussion and care of all the fundamental steps as mobile app have the power to put your business in the pocket of the customer.

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