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Do you need a mobile app for your business?

Thinking of starting a business or confused about whether to launch a mobile app for an already settled business. This seems to be common as many people aren’t well versed with the changing technological sphere and its implications. But with the changing scenario, the requirement for mobile app development even for small scale business has been increased three folds.

A perfectly developed interactive application not only has the power to increase the business opportunity but the brand value too. This can be easily reflected in the data gathered through statistics which have shown that Google play store is hosting 3.7 million apps whereas apple store has 2.2 million. Even a local grocery store now has a mobile app. This very well translates the temptation and craze for mobile apps.

Number of apps available in leading app stores, Q1 2019

The value of the app is decided by the effective active member it is catering. If targeting in the right way this can be a significant way to boost the business in a shorter period. And a solid bunch of active users are always valuable as they work both as customers and referrals. In a study conducted by Newzoo found that the second-highest downloaded application from the app store was for the shopping purpose of the respondent.

Revenue aspect

Building a mobile app requires money and many startups may have a water seal budget to go. As per an online portal, the most expensive and extensive part of going online in business is mobile app development, you have to keep the operating system updated, introduce the new trend in the market to continuously engage the audience. And the toughest part is to keep the lead engaged and satisfied. So the requirement of the business and the funding need to be balanced. So one has to develop two simultaneous apps, one in android and the other in iOS, as the need to hire a separate team should also be weighted as web development is completely different from app development. So an expense assessment is a must.

Understanding the complexity

No doubt they are quite difficult to develop; this requires a lot of considerations as well as engagement factor. As only the app is not the one in the mind of the developer, multiple things are going on simultaneously. As there are many versions of the android available in the market things get more complex, also the protocols need to be followed as proposed by the play store. if no approval happens you will end into square one. But no matter how complex it could be, statistics seem so satisfying as people are spending most of their life on the top app on their mobile, which has been depicted in the bar graph below.

Maintenance factor:

Mobile app development needs to be customized as per the target audience you have for your business, as a recent study it was found that the most of the people who spend time on the mobile app are from age from 30 to 55, hence decision and the content has to be decided as per the niche and customers. Updates and maintenance need to be done keeping the crucial development in the market which could be a long term investment but surely a worthy one.

Data Frequency

As can be seen in the graph below, derived from a survey conducted by Statistica we can see that 56 per cent of the people on the app has been having a shopping experience. That simply translates as if you are having a mobile app then you might hit the right cord, as the mobile app comes with the ease of browsing and finding a product as well as placing orders. This makes a lot of data conversion and fetching. The effort could be cumbersome but all the data if fetched properly could lead to multiple lead generation.

The potentials exploration

Assessment of every dimension is must so that no scope of doubt remains. The mobile app always helps you to stay ahead of the competition. There is certain information you can get through the mobile application like geolocation, biometrics, demographics that all help you to decide the strategy. On top of it, there are several features which can enhance the customer experience and uplift the business generation. So what all you need is be in the right direction and the right platform as the app promises so much more than the web functionality.

When in the business there is some crucial question one needs to ask. Is a mobile app suitable for my business, if yes then what kind of the mobile app should be required? How about the funds, break-even points? So all these will help you to stay determined and focused.

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